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About Me

Hey, I'm Katy. I'm a Travelpreneur and proud ambassador for The Coaching Masters.

I'm here to share the message of a modern way of working online, its the 21st century, the information age & I believe it's important  we call begin diversifying our income especially online.


In the past two years of working online I've tried a lot, failed a lot and learned a ton. I'm now building a business that can provide me with multiple income streams, some residual around my 9-5 job.


It's my passion to help women stop caring what others think, unleash their inner entrepreneur and build a passion led residual income.

Within The Travel Tribe I am a travel business mentor & help women monesties their passion for travel using social media & I am also an ambassador for The Coaching Masters.

In the 21st century I believe we should be using our spare time wisely to build an income online & secure our futures. The online world is going to BOOM (alongside travel - very soon!) and the time really is now!


How I can help you

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Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur

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The Millennial's guide to building an online business.

What's in this e-book??

  • Why online, why now?

  • Why you should create multiple income streams

  • How online automation can save yo time

  • How building online now can give you location independence in the future

  • How to create your life vision + journal prompts

  • Stepping into next level you & finding your entrepreneurial mindset

  • Why building an online brand is important

  • Finding your business vehicle.

“It’s not what you look at what matters, it’s what you see”

Henry David Thoreau

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